Three Phase Motor IE3 [380V 50Hz]
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Three Phase Motor IE3 [380V 50Hz]
'Super Line P Series' IE3 motor demonstrates the full potential of Mitsubishi Electric high-efficiency technology, while maintaining the ease of use of general-purpose motors. With proprietary steel frame technology, Mitsubishi Electric will continue to develop and sell products that comply with global high efficiency regulations.
Output : 0.75~55kW
Pole : 4
Voltage / Frequency :
- 380V 50Hz


Product List
SF-PR (Horizontal foot type, IP44) [IE3]
Premium Efficiency Motor (IE3) is compatible with conventional products. It's ...
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SF-PR 0.75kW 4P
SF-PR 1.5kW 4P
SF-PR 2.2kW 4P
SF-PR 3.7kW 4P
SF-PR 5.5kW 4P
SF-PR 7.5kW 4P
SF-PR 11kW 4P
SF-PR 15kW 4P
SF-PR 18.5kW 4P
SF-PR 22kW 4P
SF-PR 30kW 4P
SF-PR 37kW 4P
SF-PR 45kW 4P
SF-PR 55kW 4P
SF-PRO (Horizontal foot type, Waterproof, IP44) [IE3]
Water proof performance IP44 degrees of protection complies with the water sp ...
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SF-PRO 0.75kW 4P
SF-PRO 1.5kW 4P
SF-PRO 2.2kW 4P
SF-PRO 3.7kW 4P
SF-PRO 5.5kW 4P
SF-PRO 7.5kW 4P
SF-PRO 11kW 4P
SF-PRO 15kW 4P
SF-PRO 18.5kW 4P
SF-PRO 22kW 4P
SF-PRO 30kW 4P
SF-PRO 37kW 4P
SF-PRO 45kW 4P
SF-PRO 55kW 4P
SF-PRP (Horizontal foot type, IP55) [IE3]
Dust & Water jet proof performance (IP55 Degrees of protection) Passed the du ...
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SF-PRP 0.75kW 4P
SF-PRP 1.5kW 4P
SF-PRP 2.2kW 4P
SF-PRP 3.7kW 4P
SF-PRP 5.5kW 4P
SF-PRP 7.5kW 4P
SF-PRP 11kW 4P
SF-PRP 15kW 4P
SF-PRP 18.5kW 4P
SF-PRP 22kW 4P
SF-PRP 30kW 4P
SF-PRP 37kW 4P
SF-PRP 45kW 4P
SF-PRP 55kW 4P
SF-PRV (Vertical flange type, IP44) [IE3]
Premium efficiency motors vertical flange type with totally enclosed fan-cool ...
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SF-PRV 0.75kW 4P
SF-PRV 1.5kW 4P
SF-PRV 2.2kW 4P
SF-PRV 3.7kW 4P
SF-PRV 5.5kW 4P
SF-PRV 7.5kW 4P
SF-PRV 11kW 4P
SF-PRV 15kW 4P
SF-PRV 18.5kW 4P
SF-PRV 22kW 4P
SF-PRV 30kW 4P
SF-PRV 37kW 4P
SF-PRV 45kW 4P
SF-PRV 55kW 4P
SF-PRF (Horizontal flange type, IP44) [IE3]
Premium efficiency motors horizontal flange type with totally enclosed fan-co ...
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SF-PRF 0.75kW 4P
SF-PRF 1.5kW 4P
SF-PRF 2.2kW 4P
SF-PRF 3.7kW 4P
SF-PRF 5.5kW 4P
SF-PRF 7.5kW 4P
SF-PRF 11kW 4P
SF-PRF 15kW 4P
SF-PRF 18.5kW 4P
SF-PRF 22kW 4P
SF-PRF 30kW 4P
SF-PRF 37kW 4P
SF-PRF 45kW 4P
SF-PRB (Horizontal foot type, IP44) [IE3]
A premium efficiency motor with brake, energy saving and CO2 reduction. Guara ...
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SF-PRB 0.75kW 4P
SF-PRB 1.5kW 4P
SF-PRB 2.2kW 4P
SF-PRB 3.7kW 4P
SF-PRB 5.5kW 4P
SF-PRB 7.5kW 4P
SF-PRB 11kW 4P
SF-PRB 15kW 4P
SF-PRB 18.5kW 4P
SF-PRB 22kW 4P
SF-PRB 30kW 4P
SF-PRB 37kW 4P
SF-PRB 45kW 4P
SF-PRB 55kW 4P


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