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Motor and Pump warranty conditions

1.Warranty period
              12 Months from the production month and year or the date which the product was bought and written in the purchase document. (User must show the purchase document for claim)
2.Warranty condition
              The warranty is limited to defect from the process or parts used in the manufacturing
              Other expenses such as removing/setting equipments, transportation, travelling expense, outside service charge or
                 expenses not related to the product e.g. cable, pipe, joint are not included in warranty.
              Company will repair or replace the new product under conditions considered by the company.
              Repaired parts will be guaranteed under the remain warranty period or
                 within 180 days from the repair date (whichever is longer).
              The warranty is limited only in the country of Thailand and is not applicable in the risk area or unreachable area,
                 confined space area, smoky area, chemical vapor, or restricted area in all cases.
             The followings are excluded from Warranty coverage:
                1) Improper installation as specified in the manual
                2) Usage in overload or over capacity of the product
                3) Usage under inappropriate conditions such as dry or little water condition, acidic or alkali water, in high temperature
                    water over specified in the manual.
                4) Use the wrong category or improper with the type of product
                5) Careless use or insufficient maintenance which caused the damages to the parts
                6) Modify, add, disassemble / assembly parts or adapt the products
                7) Damages caused by natural disasters such as flood, lightning etc.
                8) Fire, chemical substances, gas or damages from animals or insects
                9) Abnormal current or voltage or inappropriate control equipment such as sockets, breakers
              10) Damages occurred during the move, setting back or transportation including machines or equipments connected to
                    the product
3.Claim delivery
                 Deliver claim product by your own / via promoted distributors
                 Via courier (advanced transportation payment) with the product details as below
                            - Problem details
                            - Usage details
                            - Name, Surname, Address, Telephone number to contact customers including copy of purchasing document
                             Please specify clearly for prompt response in checking equipment and solving the problem.
             **Claim address**
                            Motor and Pump Service Department
                            Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
                            Bang-Chan Industrial Estate No.111 Soi Serithai 54,
                            T.Kannayao, A.Kannayao, Bangkok 10230
                            Tel: 0-2906-3337-8 Fax: 0-2906-3339
4.Repair without warranty or not under warranty condition, customers should pay the repair charge. Company will inform the expense details and wait for customerís confirmation before repair.


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